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Keeping it Personal with Ali

About the Author

Ali Dent is an avid writer, home school teacher and tea sipper. She thinks her husband is a gift from God and that her four children and four grandchildren are awesome! She’s passionate about the sovereignty of God, identity in Christ, and the transforming power of the Spirit. As a counselor trained at Westminster Theological Seminary she reaches out to people in confusing and difficult circumstances bringing the hope of the gospel to bear on their lives. She is devoted to helping families enjoy the wonders and pleasures of God’s story, which equips them to Live Outside the Lines and Share THE Story.
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Anticipating the Presence of God


Luke 15:1, “Now the tax collectors and sinners were all drawing near to hear him.” Anticipating God’s presence equips me to know, grow and share… …HIStory with others. When I began writing I created a website and a blog. I wanted them to complement each other; they didn’t. This bothered me.  SO, I decided I  …

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Changing Hearts, Changing Lives

changing hearts

Are you grieving for the soul of a loved one? Do you lose sleep over the choices your child is making? Is your spouse living outside the family of God? Do you have a friend who wishes she could die? It is hard to watch a loved one live life contrary to the word of  …

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Women of God: Harlots, Tricksters, Judges, and Queens series Deborah lived sometime before 1200 B.C. and perhaps a little more than two hundred years after Rahab and about one hundred years before the time of Ruth. The people’s lives are unsettled and troubled politically because their life is unsettled and troubled spiritually. A recurring refrain  …

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Redeeming the Addict


Are you an addict? Do you know an addict? Addiction comes in many forms not just drugs, sex and alcohol. I must have ______ or I’m unhappy, irritable, frustrated or just plain mad. Whatever fills that blank is something that has captured my affections and rules my responses to life. Who ought to rule my  …

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