I know that this is a busy time of year so I’m going to ‘gift’ you with a short, easy-to-read article! I think that this gift is going to change any challenges that come up during the holidays.

Did you know that just like a computer you have a ‘reset’ button? Yes, you do! This button can be anywhere you like on your body. Mine is in the palm of my left hand.

Anytime that stress is starting to get the best of me I stand up, literally take a step back, and push my ‘reset’ button in the palm of my left hand. And then I breathe. I ask myself “Out of all the myriad of things that I think I need to do what is just one thing I can do right now?”  And then…

…I do that one thing.

Just like using Control/Alt/Delete on a computer can magically fix things so can your stand up/step back/push/breathe system.

Try it! Think it sounds too easy? That’s what makes it so incredible.


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