We Are Seed Planters

I had an interesting discussion with a friend of mine the other day who reminded me that we are “seed planters.

We had been talking about how easy it was to get discouraged when we don’t see the fruit of our labor. How challenging it can be to not see the end result. I was struggling because it seemed like the things I was doing for the Kingdom were falling flat.

Going unnoticed.
Missing their mark.
Not moving others to see God.

Are you tracking with me?

Sometimes I can get so caught up in wanting to KNOW that I am making a difference. I want to see that my efforts to connect others to God are working.

Why? Because it gives me great satisfaction to know that my obedience to God’s calling on my life…matters.

There are times I see it.

I can remember moments that God has graciously revealed ways in which my words or actions have moved another into healing, acceptance, or forgiveness.

But this particular day, I was discouraged at a lack of response from my “efforts.”

This friend spoke life into my deflated spirit by encouraging me to see that my purpose… OUR PURPOSE… isn’t necessarily to see the watered seed produce fruit. Our part in this process is simply to obediently plant and water the seeds that God has strategically placed in our garden.

And if for some reason he allows us to see those seeds sprout, then we receive it as a gift from God.

That resonated with me.

It freed me.

It reminded me that it’s not all about… me.

You see, I’m unable to make any seed produce fruit. Not only do I not hold that kind of power, but I don’t want that kind of responsibility placed on my shoulders  …neither do you.

So what we need to focus on is simple:

  • Our goal needs to be our obedience to what God is asking of us, rather than getting caught up in the results we see.
  • Our value needs to be found in the fact that the Father chooses to use us, instead of thriving on the feedback we get.
  • Our hope needs to be placed in what God promises to do for those who love Him, rather than hoping to be a god for anyone ourselves.

We are seed planters.

And that is good enough for me.

Photo Credit:  USDAgov

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