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If I Were Ten Times Bolder

Fear gets in the way of so many things, doesn’t it?

We’re afraid of failure.  Afraid that someone might get angry with us. Or that we’ll disappoint someone.  We worry about hurting a friend’s feelings so we don’t speak the truth…

…we’re afraid of not being liked.

On the business side, we’re afraid that we aren’t good enough so we don’t ask for the promotion.  We fear rejection so we don’t ask for the sale.  We don’t think we’re capable so we settle for just getting by.

Well, I’m kind of done with all that.

I’ve been thinking about my life purpose, the vision I have for my life, and how I’m living intentionally on a daily basis.  My mental review of the current state quickly reported: God has called me to live abundantly and I’m living like there’s just enough grace, mercy, strength, wisdom, etc., to get me to 10:00 tomorrow morning.

Something needs to change.

My friend and mentor, Laurie Beth Jones, frequently poses the question:
What would you do if you were ten times bolder?

Another way to consider the question —> What would you do if you kicked fear out the door, threw the suitcases after it, and refused to ever let it enter your heart again?

Max Lucado writes in his life-changing book, Fearless”Fear will always knock on your door. Just don’t invite it in for dinner and, for heaven’s sake, don’t offer it a bed for the night.”

We are loved by The God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills…who hangs the stars in the skies and then names them…a God who gave His life for me.

David reminds us in Psalms 27, “The Lord is my light and my salvation – whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life – of whom shall I be afraid?”

Can I hear an “Amen!”

God calls us to live a rich life…without fear. That means we can dream BIG dreams with Him. We can trust Him to lead us on the right path…the path that leads to BIGGER things than we can imagine without Him.

My answer to Laurie Beth’s question today…

…I would choose to start living like a daughter of the King.

Specifically?  If I were ten times bolder, I would start by saying “No” more often, so I can say “Yes” to what matters most—that lead to the BIG things. Even when “No” may hurt, disappoint, or temporarily alienate.

Question:  What would you do if you were ten times bolder?  Share your comment by clicking here.

AboutGaye Lindfors

Gaye loves to laugh, and isn't afraid to poke fun at her own mishaps. With authenticity, passion, and humor, she helps women develop a deeper and richer faith life while they reconnect to what matters most. As an observer of life in the real world, Gaye shares encouraging stories from the heart that engage and inspire her audiences and readers. Through her speaking and writing, she helps women discover more focus, more courage, more hope, and more peace in their daily living. Gaye is the author of God, Girlfriends, & Chocolate and is a contributing author to Don't Miss Your Boat: Living Your Life With Purpose in the Real World. Gaye and her husband live in St. Paul, MN. She considers the times spent laughing with her sisters (‘til it hurts!), to be some of life’s best moments.
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  1. Debbie says:

    wow – what a GREAT post!!! Ten Times Bolder? I’d write 3 books and blog about marriage & money…

    1. Debbie, isn’t it a powerful question?

      So…what is one small step you can make towards your dreams. Perhaps write a post about being bolder?!

      Thanks for your note… – Gaye

  2. Mandy says:

    Loved this – perfect timing. Thank you!

  3. Hi, Mandy -

    Don’t you just love it when we get the right message at the right time?
    Thanks so much for your note!
    – Gaye

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