A New Season

With 20 years of experience and a master’s degree, I tried to take it in stride when my company told me of a corporate downsizing, eliminating my position…

…and that of nearly all my colleagues.

As an assistant vice president of a national company, I figured I would suffer little downtime before finding another comparable position. In six years I had been promoted twice and was a top performer in my department, garnering numerous awards and recognition.

God had other plans.

For eighteen months, I sent countless resumes and made more revisions to it than I can remember, hoping to structure it just so in order to catch the right person’s attention. I’ve had interviews that led to second interviews, which led to nowhere. I even considered hiring a headhunter, but I didn’t because they wanted to know the list of places where I was willing to relocate, which I am not willing to do.

So, to try to help provide for our family, I’ve found supplemental income with contract work, offering my expertise to a few clients who needed help, but couldn’t afford to hire for a full time position.

Every time I took on a new project or client, I felt a spark that I hadn’t felt in a long time. But I didn’t realize that the spark was from God, telling me “stay with this.”

After battling a multitude of demons – wondering if I wasn’t hiring material, thinking maybe I am too old, or maybe that I was overqualified, or even listening when the enemy whispered, you just aren’t good enough. All damaging thoughts that seeped into my heart and mind during this extended period of unemployment…

…taking a toll on my self-worth.

I had to learn to recognize God’s voice. All my plotting, prepping, searching and revising was taking up so much of my time, I didn’t have time to listen when God was whispering His plan for this season of my life:

  • He whispered it when my then 11-year-old son told me how much he liked it when I came to pick him up from baseball practice
  • He whispered it in the smile on my daughter’s face when I volunteered in her classroom every week
  • He whispered it in thank you notes from school children after spending several months helping them
  • He whispered it by sending just the right client or project at the right time to meet our needs

A recent session with a life coach opened my eyes to what God was speaking all along. The prayers for a new “full-time” job were being answered with “not now.” The answer was, “focus your attention on your family, and I’ll fill in the gaps through your consulting work.” He made it so clear, it was hard to look back and see all the places where He was reaching out and I was reaching elsewhere.

My lesson was that God is using this time in life to reconnect me with my children, my husband and friends/family who need my attention. No paycheck could or should ever replace those moments. He is holding my hand through all of this. When we learn to place all our trust in Him, we can see the beauty in His perfect plan.

Question:  What is God whispering to you in your current season?  Are you willing to listen to His plan?  Share you comment by clicking here.

Photo Credit: Spiritual Fitness Stud


  1. Lindalee A. Miller-Nelson says

    God’s whisper’s are always amazing and I had to turn up the volume myself just recently. I have been unemployed for three years and have also reinvented my career several time. I also just heard that same whisper from my now 29, 31 and 34 year old daughters. Through Gods’ whisper I am strengthened in my current place. Blessing to you, your family and your current journey in life. Praise God!

    • says

      Thank you Lindalee! Yes, it’s always interesting how we have to “tune in” to actually HEAR when He is speaking. I pray your journey is beautiful and prosperous! Blessings!

  2. says

    Dear Patti,

    What a beautiful message of obedience. You were put in a place where you had time to just “Be still, and know that He is God”, and you were able to hear His voice. It’s a wonderful place to be, once you (finally!) yield to His plan vs. your own ideas.

    Having been through this lesson several times through different trials, I can honestly say that the very best plan for your life is His plan. Now as an ‘empty nester’, the Lord has blessed me with the life-long desires of my heart. I also have the privilege of seeing my daughter and daughter-in-law figure these things out MUCH earlier than I did. A “career” with money and status is NEVER more important than being there for your children when THEY need you, supporting your husband in his role as leader, and mostly, to be able to hear God’s voice above the noise of the world.


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