We Can Surely Do This

“We Can Surely Do This.” – Numbers 13:30

I love positivity.  I especially love God’s positivity.

There I was on a bus that should have arrived in Jerusalem already, stuck in a never-ending line of traffic that inched forward and – grrr! — stopped again.  Even if we got going now at normal speed, we’d never made the appointment that would decide whether my husband and I would be allowed to stay on in Israel or not.

There was not a thing else I could do but pray. When I did…

…anxiety left me.

I was content that all would be exactly as it should be. I turned to my husband and shared the word I had received: ‘We can surely do this.’

I believed, as biblical Caleb did, that we could overcome the odds and make the Promised Land our own.

Thank you, Lord, for that reassurance.

Eventually, we reached the head of the jam, a roadblock. There had been bomb warnings, we discovered, since a massive new synagogue was being dedicated in Jerusalem’s Old City today.

At the bus station, we hailed a cab. At our destination, we jumped out and ran inside… Only to find that the bureaucrats had also been held up by anti-terrorist checkposts. They, too, were running late! In fact, we had half an hour to get our breath back, before being called in. When we were, there was none of the anticipated third degree. The giants simply handed, we grasshoppers, our papers.

Question:  Isn’t it great to get words and signs from God that keep our fears at bay? Can you think of some examples in your own life of when God has given you certainty?  Share your comment by clicking here.


Today’s Post is shared by: Bobbie Cole.  She is from Fredericton, NB, Canada and also from London, England. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, writer and teacher of creative writing. Hers is a Ruth story: called by God in the Land of Israel, she was blessed with a strong husband of faith. Her lively website www.scrollchest.com catalogs her creative writing courses. She also looks forward to meeting you on Facebook.


  1. diki b. says

    In 2007 the factory i worked at was bought by a large corporation and soon after we were told they were sending our jobs out of the country and closing our shop. I had been there just shy of 14 years. I was 55 years old with severe back problems (my bosses were great and worked with my disabilities) my first reaction was a kind of stunned panic. No one would hire me with all my medical issues at my age. They kept us on for another year while we built parts to make it easier for the ones taking our jobs. I didn’t blame them it was the suits that made the decision. Well, back to the the day we got the news. Afterward i went back to my machine and all these panicky thoughts were going through my mind. It was then that i felt just the slightest touch of a hand on my shoulder, i jumped and turned but no one was there. Even now i get goose bumps when i think of this. I for sure felt that hand though and then it was like i heard the Lord saying, it’s going to be alright, I will take care of you. Wow! Goosebumps big time. Well, i am a poet and always writing something and quite often i would make up songs. That day the Lord gave me the words to this song. I wish i could give you the music but i don’t know how to write it. Here is the song God gave me.


    I’ll trust in Him, though mountains ‘round me crumble.
    I’ll trust in Him, though waters ore me roll.
    I’ll trust in Him, all through the lonesome valley-
    I’ll trust my God, for He is in control.
    No circumstances, can take Him by surprise,
    Although the outcome, is oft hid from my eyes-
    I’ll trust in Him for He is in control,
    I see in part but, my God see the whole.

    I’ll trust in Him, when my steps start to falter.
    I’ll trust in Him, when this world starts to drag me down.
    I’ll trust in Him, when sorrow overwhelms me-
    He is my shelter in the time of storm.
    No circumstances, can take Him by surprise,
    Although the outcome, is oft hid from my eyes-
    I’ll trust in Him for He is in control,
    I see in part but, my God sees the whole.

    I see in part, but, my God sees the whole.

    ©diki denise sinkler – burns
    9 – 2007

    Proverbs 3:5 & 6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your way acknowledge Him and He shall make your paths straight.

    I was on unemployment for a while, but finally applied for disability which i got the first time i tried for it and it only took about a year. It is very unusual to get it the first time so i know God was working. I am so glad God is in my life, i just could not make it without Him! Have a great day and God bless!

    • says

      Thanks for sharing this, Diki. The poem is lovely.

      God works for our good at all times but we often don’t see it until we have hindsight. If your back was bad, you were better off on disability, and He knew that.

  2. says

    When I was pregnant with my first child, the doctors did a routine test around 16 weeks called an AFP. This test measures for spina bifida on one end and Down’s syndrome on the other end of the numbers.

    I was 21 years old and barely married a year when I got the call from the doctor’s office. Your child has downs. “The good news,” the nurse said, “is you can try again soon since you are young.”

    The fear and despair that overwhelmed me with the news was seemingly insurmountable. Even though I had been raised in church and did not believe in abortion, I considered for a moment, what my life without my daughter would be. It horrified me.

    We prayed and felt God’s peace and assurance that everything would be fine. We took the weekend, which happened to be our anniversary to spend time talking and praying in preparation for welcoming a child with differences into our lives.

    Everywhere I looked I saw young mothers with Down’s babies. This is highly unusual, but I knew God was showing me these things to prepare my heart.

    Meanwhile, we continued testing. We refused abortion and we focused on God’s promises.

    The second round of test, including some amazing ultrasounds and amniocentesis, brought us news no one was expecting. Our child was not a Down’s baby. She was perfect.

    Whether this was a “Abraham and Isaac” style test from God, or He really healed my child in utero, we knew that He was in control. He had the situation in hand.

    Now, sixteen years later we have a precocious, vibrant, artistic young woman as our daughter. Some days she drives me crazy, but I am certain then too that this will pass.

    Thank you Bobbi for making me remember the faithfulness of my Father. I hope my story will minister to someone who faces uncertainty with their pregnancy, and hope they will choose life as well.

    There is nothing too difficult for our God. He sees the lowliest heart and He sees kings. He loves both equally. He has grace enough to go around.

    Be blessed.

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