Is Safe Good?

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” – William Shedd

God has designed us to desire dreams that are full, wide, and deep. Is He calling you out into uncharted waters?

If we make a habit of docking ourselves in the shallow ends, barely scraping the bottom and drifting by the shoreline, we may miss the adventures of His love. Sure we’re a busy boat, bustling about working and exchanging goods…

…that’s where we’re comfortable most.

But how often do we step out and change our normal course? We wonder if it’s safe out there.  A line comes to mind now by C.S. Lewis, “‘Course He isn’t safe. But He’s good.”

God outfits our ship with Faith, Hope, and Love.

And the truth is, He wants to bring us with Him.

If we batten down the hatches when Winter gets tough we may miss out on something intended for our good. We might feel lonely and chilly at times but in truth, it’s finally time to be refined and fully live!

We’re nearing the end of Summer now. Welcoming a new season is a good time to see new sights! God’s traveling mercies are new every morning, He’s already sailed your seas before you. Bringing back a grace fully sufficient, and a kind of love that’s different. And somehow He knows how to cast out…

…all fears.

Choose to cast out with me now … because we believe Him.

Pull up your anchor, weighed down by a heavy comfort zone. We can do this together.

Can you feel the breeze? It’s getting stronger! It’s blowing away the sticky barnacles of doubt, anxiety, and fear.

Some of this life water is calmer than glass, and some will be choppy and feel about to shatter. You’re never alone.  He’s drawing you close to hear him whisper, “Take heart, I’ve overcome the world beloved child”

We must take our eyes off self, look up and look out! Watch for the high seas to frame the big picture. He has good plans for you. His plan is to help you navigate and set your sails high and full!

Question:  How is He beckoning you out of your natural comfort zone and into deeper waters?  Share your comment by clicking here.

Photo Credit:  Kevinzim {creative commons}


  1. Sarah says

    It’s a good thing to let go and let God control things. However its not always easy yet His promises and mercies are new every morning! Thank you for this encouragement as our family is going into a new season in our life and we know that God is with us daily!

    • says

      Sarah my friend, I’m thrilled for your families newest addition! More adventures are on the way… the biggest one of them all is maybe learning to trust God together more and more! So exciting! Thank YOU for sharing today girl! ~ Love, Amy

  2. Ambrosia says

    Love your imagery Amy! Makes me want to take a little trip to the coast to breathe in sea air. He’s calling me to see people–to SEE people past my circumstances and schedule and feelings. To see who they are, to see HOW they are, to see when maybe I need to stop what I’m doing, look up into their eyes, and care about all these things. I’m so thankful because he’s giving me the will…and the ability to be in a different frame of mind, just like he says he will! Thank you for asking this question– I hadn’t noticed it quite like that before I thought about it :) How is he beckoning you my dear friend?

    • says

      Can I come, can I come, Ambrosia!? ;) The sea air and the width of the ocean always bring my chest a huge sigh of relief and peace! How blessed we are to know we are a part {an important part} of His creation, WOW! Thank you for sharing this life changing {mind changing!} testimony for everyone to see today friend! God is beautiful in you.
      As for me. Tomorrow feels big! It’s a giant leap out of my comfort zone to be called up to go speak with a group of women I’ve never met! God is very good to help me do this. Other things today, slowing and looking at my children’s needs/stepping out of my own desires for a time.
      We have opportunities every day to say “YES” and join God right where we’re at! :)
      ~ Love, Amy

  3. says

    I am a 36 year old farmer’s wife with two little boys 5 and 2. Just recently God has been impressing on my heart to go on a mission trip, something I wish I had done as a young person and have said I would do once my kids were grown. Seems crazy to think about treading off to a foreign country, leaving my husband and sons behind for 8/9 days. But God keeps confirming it over and over. Do I trust Him? Yes. So I am preparing to sail!! ;)

    • says

      Dear Rachel, we have some things in common sister. I have small children of my own and I felt very much personally prompted by God a little over a year ago to go to Guatemala. I had never been out of the country before! God gave me the courage, and peace to go for it! Mine was for 9 days also. PRAISE GOD for installing the love for people in our hearts! Your children will be well cared for while you’re away… I just know God’s got you covered girl. Thanks so much for choosing to share here today! You have been a blessing! Keep in touch! I would love to hear about your trip down the road! ~ Love, Amy :)

  4. says

    Thank you for the response, Amy. Guess where I’m planning to go? You got it…Guatemala! :) How cool is that! Thank you for the words of encouragement and reassurance. Still working out the details, but I know God is leading me in that direction. Time to be Brave! Will be back to visit your blog, enjoyed what I saw. Blessings, Rachel

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