Stop and Smell the Roses

Right now as I sit to type this my home is silent and the trees outside my window are full of green leaves blowing gently in a summer breeze. It isn’t too hot and it isn’t too cold. The sun is shining and Friday is just around the corner…

…this is a good moment.

It makes me wonder how many moments like this I let pass me by without tucking them into my heart or stopping to acknowledge their loveliness?

How many chubby armed hugs have I quickly dismissed?
How many sweet kisses have I taken for granted?
How many sunny days have I let slip away without stopping; breathing it all in?

Life goes by so quickly and we are never guaranteed the next moment. I pray that as I live my life that I often take time to stop and smell the roses. To pause and enjoy the sweet moments…

…that make life beautiful.

We celebrate big moments, a raise, a new home, birthdays and anniversaries. But isn’t it the little moments that make life grand? Isn’t it the smell of a new baby, the thoughts of a 5 year old and the songs of a toddler? The camaraderie of spouses, the laughter with friends, the provision of safety, food and shelter?

My silence was just broken, but for now I am glad that I took a moment with you to enjoy it. As I go back to the many things that clamor for my attention I am going to try to pause in those moments as well and be grateful.

Thank you for smelling the roses with me today.

Question:  What moments make your life grand?  Share your comment by clicking here.


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