Perfect Pace

Last October, my husband and I celebrated 12 years of marriage. To be honest, it is only by the hand of God that we’ve made it this far.  Only the past 6 years for us have been good ones…

…REALLY good ones.

Those first years were… brutal.

You see, we both came into this marriage with such heavy baggage.
• Deep seeded anger
• Control tendencies
• Abuses of all kinds
• Hidden addictions
• Struggles with self-worth

We were a train wreck waiting to happen.

But God.

Oh I love those words. It’s a simple phrase that carries great power.

God showed up huge in our situation and we went from knocking on divorce’s doorstep to taking up residency in the love shack.

It was a quick healing. Literally.

You see, God doesn’t always take forever to act on our behalf. While we did wait until the 11th hour for God to change the direction of our marriage, the healing of our issues was instant.

He opened our baggage and aired it out.

You see, in that one quick moment things changed between me and my husband. God didn’t save the day and then leave us to months of counseling to piece our marriage back together.

Nope. He healed our marriage, our hearts, our relationship… at the same time. In that one instant, we experienced a quick healing.

From that point forward, we began to respond to each other differently.

My husband immediately began treating me with softness and gentleness, showing genuine adoration of his bride. I no longer tried to emasculate him or guilt him into doing things my way.

THAT was a miracle. An instantaneous healing.

Friends, sometimes in our opinion God acts slowly… and we find ourselves discouraged and frustrated. It’s hard to wait when big, life-changing things are on the line.

Things like our marriages, our finances, or our health.

But other times, we see God move swiftly. We have a front row seat to instant miracles that shift our lives immediately.

Both serve a purpose.

After a season of waiting on God, we see how necessary and good that time was. It developed our trust. It healed wounds. It taught us to stand strong.

But when God blesses us with a quick healing, we have a deeper understanding of His awesome power and unmatched graciousness.

Regardless, God’s timing is perfect.

His design for deliverance is perfect.

His plan for restoration is perfect.

…yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.

Question:  What do you think — is God’s pace perfect?  Share your comment by clicking here.

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  1. Teri says

    But G O D <– I just smiled when I read that. He’s so faithful and YES…regardless, HIS timing is perfect. In the midst of the “journey” when I don’t understand or ask the question why — I remember other circumstances where He had all the pieces of the puzzle fall right where they were intended to fall, just at the right time. That is what keeps me “keeping-on” Thank YOU for this personal message — love it. =)

    • says

      Teri, you made a valuable point. We need to “remember” the other times when God pieced our lives together. It’s the power of our testimony and it not only encourages others when times are tough, but it also helps us know that God is full of goodness. Thanks, girl!

  2. Jeanelle says

    Loved how you are able to see the value of waiting and the value of God doing a quick work. What a tangible way to hold onto trust when God’s timing does not look like ours. Thank you for tangible ways to battle my impatience!!

    • says

      Jeanelle, waiting is soooooo hard! Especially when you are up against a deadline or in a painful situation. The truth is that when we submit to God, we also submit to His timing. He is so gracious…

  3. says

    God is speaking to me about waiting lately.the other day I heard someone say don’t waste the wait – so true! Thank you Carey for sharing from your personal experience with us! God is faithful!

  4. says

    those “but God” chapters in our lives…as well as in Scripture, are fantastic aren’t they? :)
    as much as we would like to decide when the waiting times of healing are and when the rapid times of healing will come, we don’t get that decision. only He does. glad the healing came, no matter which package.

  5. says

    Martha, SO TRUE! When we look back on the “waiting” times, we see the “why.” It makes sense and I find myself so grateful for the knowledge and tools I gained through that time. Thanks for your comment!

  6. Leah Mickschl says

    Carey, thank you so much for this post. What a great reminder — it is God’s time, not mine, that matters. Thank you too, for sharing a glimpse of your marriage and the healing that took place. What a demonstration of God’s love for you both! An encouragement to many!!!

  7. says

    Leah, thanks for your sweet words. I’m so glad God jumped into our marriage and restored it. My husband is pretty amazing. And you are so right… it is God’s timing that matters. FOR SURE! The problem is that it’s hard to accept that at times. I appreciate you taking the time to comments. Be blessed, girl!

  8. says

    I am so blessed of what miracle happen in your life my dear sister in Christ. I was challenge and encourage yet so bless, my marriage was getting that i entrusted to the Lord, i know God will make a way. I tried to share this but i cant,i just want to post knowing that i have many friends also relatives that their marriage was worst. God bless please help me pray that the Lord may heal our marriage too. thank you my friend.

  9. says

    I get so impatient with God’s timing, but later see the wisdom in His delays. His timing is perfect; in His time all the pieces fall into place. My timing rushes in and overlooks much of what needs to be done.

  10. says

    i could not agree with you more carey – God allows us to struggle through times of difficulty, but its always with a perfect love and for our growth. thanks for the reminder today friend :)

  11. Jeanelle says

    Faith truely is believing God can do it immediately and trusting His greater plan when He doesn’t and asks us to walk it out with Him. The greatest privledge is that we get to journey with Him in both situations!

  12. says

    Oh, Carey–how fun to find you here at keeping it personal. What an encouragement to hear that other’s marriages have been saved because God intervened. We had the divorce papers written and I had signed them….but God–this year we celebrated 26 years. Although, in our humanness it is a challenge to wait for God’s timing, as usual–He is perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Heather says

    The wait can be difficult … we are finding struggles with our current financial situation as I know so many other north americans are as well. We just keep praying for guidance and patience.

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