Measuring Stick

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Last week I talked about being overwhelmed — from the comments and feedback I received about that topic, I really felt that I needed to talk this week about…

Measuring Sticks

Trying to p l e a s e everyone can cause us to feel overwhelmed!  When we put too much value on the opinions, judgements, and needs of others — attempting to “measure-up” to their standards — life can get out of control!  There is simply no way we will ever be able to satisfy everyone.

There is One true, solid, and firm measuring stick that we need to aim to please, God.  When we seek His will and His plan for our lives; when we set out to put a SMILE on His face — we can find peace and comfort despite the noise we hear from those around us.

I understand that there are times when we need to consider what other’s are saying and suggesting, but take those things prayerfully to the Lord…

seek Him first, His wisdom, His understanding

…then take the appropriate action.

Question:  How many measuring sticks are you trying to “measure-up” to?  How can you focus on the ONE that truly counts? Share your comment by clicking here.

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  1. Heather says

    Great message Terri. Make choices that are right for you and the ones God has put in your care. Make those choices from your heart and with God’s guidance and you will find they are the “right” ones. Everyone will have “right” choices for them based on their own values, lifestyle and personality. There really is no “one” right to do anything from cleaning your house to grieving the loss of a loved one. And if someone feels the need to critique “your” way then they likely need to take a look at the other 3 fingers pointing back at them to find out what it is that they feel critiqued about and how it makes them feel. So much of what we are negative about is merely a reflection of ourselves they we haven’t fully dealt with. Thanks for another thought provoking question for me to ponder this week.

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