August 20, 2012

Do you agree with this message? –> “Experience is the name every one gives to their mistakes.” – Oscar Wilde–> Can you look at your mistakes, accept them as experiences, and be understanding towards yourself?  OR are you one to carry the weight of shame, guilt, and regret?  Sometimes the most difficult thing to do is forgive ourselves even after we’ve asked for forgiveness and have been forgiven.


  1. Miranda says

    Experience is also a way to geow up for kids! If you won’t let them experience things they won’t learn propper. We have to give our kids a healthy space in Gods space to experience by His rules! We have to warn our kids for wrong experience choises, but if they make a mistake we have aslo an awesome God who is forgiving us.
    I am glad that I had that space in a God honering family and that made me experience in Gods rules to grow up and be protected by His grace. In choises of sexuality my mom always told me to save it for the one i wanted to be my husband. She told me that it is like a present you get on your b’day. If ou cannot wait and open it sneeky before your b’day, the real surprise is gone on your b’day! That’s the same withsex before marriage….

  2. Michelle says

    I have always said that it is easier to forgive than to forget. I struggle with this a lot and have been trying to really focus on the fact that I am forgiven. My prayer is that I focus on my future not my past and my mistakes.

    Thanks for this little reminder. I need to hear it today.

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