Small Things Are Just My Size

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” ― Mother Teresa

Do you dream of doing great things in your generation? I know I do. I dream of digging water wells in Africa and helping restore the lives of trafficking victims, but I’m often stumped by my limited resources.

What can someone like me do to make a difference in the world? Where do I even start? After all I’m small…

…one in seven billion small.

Sometimes I get discouraged because I have yet to go on my first missions trip and I’m in my forties. But that’s exactly why I love Mother Teresa’s quote, because I can do small things. Small things are just my size. I don’t have to get stuck on my grandiose ideas and do nothing. Instead…

…I can look for small things to do today.

Even though I dream of big things, it’s the small things I do that touch lives.

For example sometimes I email prayers to my online friends. I don’t do it daily or even weekly, I just do it when I feel led. And I am always shocked when I hear a friend cried or that she printed and framed my prayer and it’s now sitting on her desk. Are you kidding me? My little prayer made that big of a difference? Yep.

God has a funny way of multiplying our small.

Can you think of a moment when someone did something small for you? I can. A couple Christmases ago my sixteen year son wrote love notes as his gifts to our family. Tears slid down my face as I read Justin’s words to me. A small thing to him…

…but huge to me.

I love that Mother Teresa added the words: with great love. Because doing something small is one thing, but doing it with great love is another. We all need love, right? Love made me cry as I read my son’s heart. Love is why we are still here. To love and be loved. To know the depths of God’s love.

God’s great love rescued and restored the once broken and messed up me. I want my life to be lived with great love whether I’m living out my everyday life or my God-sized dream.

And with His great love surrounding me, now I can go do my small thing.


Today’s Post is shared by: Tiffany Stuart.  Tiffany is a writer, blogger and speaker who loves to watch God restore broken lives. She and her husband, Derek, celebrated 20 years of marriage last September. They live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with their two teens and two dogs. Connect with Tiffany through her website or find her on Facebook and Twitter.


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