5 Key Components to Grow in Self-Discipline

What bridges the gap between goals and accomplishments?  DISCIPLINE

It’s that simple, right?

Self-discipline is what makes everything possible in life.  I’ve heard it said, “Regret weighs tons, but discipline weighs ounces.”  I agree with that wholeheartedly when. I. look. back.  But, when I’m living in the moment — doing what I know needs to be done can cause me extreme amounts of pain.

So, whether I feel like it or not.  I do it…

…even though I don’t want to. {grrrr}

As I do this, I grow in self-discipline.  Why?  Because what is fed grows.  We can develop this skill, this virtue in our lives.  We can learn to be clear, focused, and disciplined to accomplish anything we want in life.


What area{s} of your life could benefit by growing in self-discipline?

Writing <– is my “problem-area” {right now!}  I contributed an article at godlywriters.com about 5 key components that are helping me grow in Self-Discipline, Writing: It Takes More Than Passion.  Whether your a writer or not, I know you will benefit and grow from these universal components..

  • Willingness — deciding and committing. Choosing to embrace the new, the unfamiliar, the uncomfortable.
  • Getting to know who. I. am. — Awareness is crucial. Asking myself: What are my needs, my strengths, my weaknesses? What areas in my life need discipline? What prevents me from doing what I need to do?
  • Courage to keep on persevering through the difficult times. Mastering any task is true power, but it will not be easy. Developing new habits, breaking old ones, discovering truth — these things take intentional consistent action and I must press through.
  • Accountability and Encouragementfrom ME. Yes, that’s right self-accountability through a firm commitment and self-encouragment through positive thinking is vital. {Self-talk and goals}
  • God — {Last but certainly not least, and MOST important} He is my strength and walks with me as I continue to seek His will and purpose for my life.

Question:  What tools do you implement to help you grow in self-discipline?  What stumbling blocks trip you up?  Share you comment by clicking here

“For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it” -Hebrews 12:11


  1. says

    Great share Teri! The area that I’ve been changing up a bit is my evening time, tv time. I only watch about an hour of tv a night but I’m enjoying more reading and writing instead on some nights. Last night, I had the Olympics playing in the background which is totally inspirational to me for writing with passion! :) GREAT questions asked girl… keep learning and sharing please. ;) ~ Blessings prayed over you from Maine this morning, Amy

    • Teri says

      Thank YOU sweet Amy for the encouragement AND the prayers! {need them!!!} Can’t wait to meet you at The Refine Conference! =)

  2. Angel L McNeil says

    I stumbled upon or rather was led to your article when I was searching for discipline. Quite inspirational and the best part was I have been looking for the right scripture for discipline to lead me into 2013. The scripture you placed at the bottom was right on time.

  3. Christian college student says

    Wow you understand! Discipline is freedom, the bridge between goals and accomplishments, just like you said. Man, but growing in it is sooo hard. I’ve been struggling with it in college for 3 years now and its like I’ve made no headway. Starting to lose hope. Sometimes in despair I blame my parents, thinking, “if only they had taught me this earlier! it would have saved me so much pain. Actually I’m looking at options like bootcamp, or joining a religious order or something to help me… but I don’t know.
    Any advice would be welcome.

    • Teri says

      I just sent you an email! Would love to encourage YOU in this are — there IS HOPE — we can take baby steps everyday with new “tools” to grow in this area. =)

  4. Cindy says

    I’m new to this website & am delighted someone has broken down the components of discipline for application in my life. I need to let go of “sugar” in my diet for health reasons. Am hoping this knowledge of discipline will encourage me to achieve this goal. Thank you Teri!

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