The Evidence of Gentleness

Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. – Philippians 4:5

My sheet got caught in the ceiling fan’s wind. As it floated down over me I was transported decades back to a harvest gold home with a gingham pink bedroom.

Over and again I would right angle my legs under my covers so the sheet could dance down around me. Each of its’ caresses tingled my skin. Each of its’ strokes strummed my heart. I played this game until the burden of lifting my legs forced cessation.

…Gentleness has major impact.

Gentleness is a shrinking commodity in our society. It has been replaced with the virtues of directness, productivity and efficiency. Yet God doesn’t just ask us to be gentle. He asks us to be so gentle that our gentleness is evident to others.

Gentleness floats with the softness of a sheet onto a harsh world.

Caress Your World with Gentle Words

Words pierce or heal. Choose words that wrap your encounters in the balm of grace. Imagine your words landing on your spouse’s, children’s or friend’s heart. Will they zoom as an arrow or cover a multitude of wrong?

Stroke Your World with Gentle Responses

Each day we face difficult people and circumstances. Our temptation is to react rather than to respond. A reaction is guttural and without thought. A response is selective and thoughtful. Envision your action’s impact. Will it stir trouble or bring peace?

Gentle words and responses may seem an impossibility. They are without the conclusion to this verse. The Lord is near.

Because He is near, gentleness is with you.
Because He is near, gentleness can guide you.
Because He is near, gentleness is in you.

Let your gentleness be evident to all.

Question:  Is gentleness a fruit that others receive through you?  Share your comment by clicking here.

Photo Credit:  Speaker Chicks


  1. says

    Yes, definitely. Even in times of conflict or frustration, I’m still a gentle person. I’m gentle with my words and actions. I believe I’m like this because I don’t want others to be agressive or hurtful towards me too.

  2. says

    Shannon I love the imagery you use. It brought me back to my own room and the softness of cotton sheets and the security of home. I love and crave gentleness but I have to really take a good look at myself and admit that as much as I crave it, I don’t always give it. Thank you for putting that into my heart! Much love!

  3. Rosey says

    Your article took me back too, to a time when the little things just delighted! I loved your posting.

  4. says

    Gentleness is not the fruit I was most blessed with. Somehow I am more patient than gentle — how that works, really, I’m not sure. I’m a born leader — and a trained attorney — and sometimes, the words come out more harsh than I intend. I’ve been working on it a lot recently, and I will be visualizing floating sheets when I speak. Thanks for this precious post — a gentle gift to us all.

    Love ya!

  5. Lucy Long says

    Oh the gentleness of His touch we see through others as well as to ourselves. Thank you for a beautiful post creating such stirring imagery to cause us to act and ponder in thought to Gentleness. Love your writing!

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