Add Your SUPER to My Natural

Sometimes we need a little extra “something” to get us through the day or to keep. us. going.  Sometimes our plate is full — or overflowing — and the demands of life trigger us to want to escape…

…to run away leaving all the details behind.

Can you relate?  If so, you are not alone.  Today I want to encourage you — lets ask Him to add the “SUPER” to our natural…check out my video!

{If you received this post via email, be sure to click here to watch the video.}


Keeping it Personal is hosting a 2-day conference for women…

…YOU are invited to attend!

The Refine Conference — September 21st and 22nd, Minneapolis, MN

Have you checked it out?
Are you planning on attending?
Did you get your ticket?

Get all the details HERE


    • Teri says

      You’re welcome Val…may we EMBRACE HIS “super” and couple it with our natural…whatever that looks like. =)

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