You Don’t Need To Do It Alone

Shortly after I came to know the Lord, and was plucked out of a crazy-sin filled existence, the Lord blessed me with solid teachers who discipled me.

They loved me where I was, challenged me to move beyond myself, and taught me what it meant to give my all to Christ.

I was never the same after a few years of intense discipleship. We lived life together and I flourished. This is an uncommon model for our western culture, but it was very much the style of teaching shown in the Bible. Timothy had Paul. The Disciples had Jesus. Elisha had Elijah. It seems to be the way God intends for his people to learn.

Now nearly 20 years later I have been feeling a need to grow past where I am and reach new places. So the Lord began to put a desire in my heart to have a Spiritual Mentor. Someone who was further down the road then I. A woman who would pray for me, give me her wisdom, and challenge me to…

…reach the new places I am going.

The problem was I began to look around my life for a mentor and there was NO ONE. No one who I felt would be a good fit. No one who I wanted to give that kind of intimate permission to. No one who I just felt was right. So I began to pray that God would provide.

A few weeks later I was walking into a women’s event that I didn’t want to attend. I just had a feeling that I needed to go that day. No sooner had I walked in the door than a woman who I haven’t seen in nearly 5 years welcomed me…

…I was stunned.

Here, out of my past was a woman who I had spent time together with in bible study and who’s walk with God I greatly admired.

Coincidence? Or Divine appointment?

Immediately the Lord put on my heart that she would be someone I could learn a lot from. So I politely waded through the idle chitchat waiting for the right opportunity to spring it on her that I would love to have her as my Mentor. But how do you ask such a thing within a few moments of being re-introduced to a woman you knew 5 years ago? I felt like a teenage boy must feel when asking a girl on a date for the first time!

After carefully weighing my options, looking for the perfect opportunity to ease that into conversation, I blurted it out to her over the buffet table for all else to hear…. Oy.

Thankfully she was gracious and we have started meeting to pray and connect on that mentorship level.

If you are anything like me {or most women I know} you are pouring out constantly into other people. You give, and give, and pour out wisdom, support, prayers, and your heart. Whether it’s your children, your husband, your friends, your network, or your blog…

…you are giving of what you have.

That, my friend, is profoundly significant! To pour into others is linked to fulfilling your calling. We are not called to be alone, drifting by ourselves, but to engage and connect with people. Few of us are ever called to do anything where we are not pouring into others.

After a while you’ve got to ask yourself, “If I’m pouring into all these people and places, who is pouring into me?”

God didn’t design us to be an island. We are NOT meant to do it all alone. In Titus 2 Paul teaches the older women to teach the younger women. This is God’s design that as we pour ourselves out that we also have others who pour into us.

Question:  Who is pouring into you? Have you thought about praying and seeking a spiritual mentor? Why?  Share your comment by clicking here.

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    Hi Kari!
    This was GREAT! I do have an older woman who I’ve adopted as my spiritual mentor… I too asked her directly! :) It’s a huge blessing that God provides for His children! So I say “yes” with you today to receiving what He has to offer me through others, and then to pour back out as His Spirit prompts! Have a beautiful day and thank you for sharing! ~ Blessings, Amy

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    Thanks Amy! More of us should seek Spiritual mentors… I know that it has made a huge difference with me! Doing things God’s way always does. Thanks for the Comment!

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    This is so good, Kari. I am who I am today because of women the Lord has sovereignly placed in my life at just the right time, for just the right season. For me, I never sought them out. It is just in this moment that I realized how sweet a gift of God’s provision that has been for me. Losing my mom as a child, God clearly made sweet provision for me. Feeling pretty doggone grateful right now. :-) Thank you for this!!

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