The Power of Words

Often times the words slip out, before we can catch them … and once they’re out, the scrambling begins — desperate to scoop up the words and bury them deep, to rewind the moment and press mute on our mouths.

But with words, there are no take-backs. Once they’re out, they’re out…

…and their power is strong.

It was those types of words that fell off my tongue that morning … those slip through my lips, desperate to take-back words … no, not words of anger or impatience, not this time. This time, it was honest words, naked words. Carried on the tide of a broken heart words. That morning, they were surrendered words.

They slipped out, those words, trickled from my tongue, and I saw the hurt crease his forhead and the worry cross his eyes.

Riding the breath of a heart worn weary, the whispered, fearful words pierced the air…

…I think I’m depressed.

…and as quickly as they slipped out, all of the other words tumbled after:

I don’t mean depressed. You know, not depression, I’m just really struggling. And some days it’s just so overwhelming and it’s hard. It’s so so hard, and I’m weary; I’m tired. I’m just really, really struggling.

And as fast as the words cascaded from my heart, the reality, the truth struck me and my words finally took on clarity: It’s really spiritual warfare. For me, right now, in these trials, it has been one battle after another, and I know that Christ has already secured the victory, but I am just. so. weary. of fighting these battles.

And as I released those words, my circumstances and my situation didn’t change, but my heart did. As I admitted those buried deep, heart words to my husband and to my Heavenly Father, I felt freedom.

My secret was no longer buried in darkness; it was revealed to the Light. And that…

…is when the healing begins.

“Therefore, confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.  The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”  James 5:16

Do you have any ‘buried deep, heart words’ that you’ve been afraid to say? It might be a confession, but it could also be a fear or even a hope or a dream. Find a safe person and share your heart. So often there is freedom when we just get it out. Praying for you today, Friend.

Shared from the archives of Erika Dawson — Photo Credit

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