Made Whole Through Brokenness

Many days I struggle with my constant failures and inability to live up to standards, that to me, seem so simple. But as I’ve learned, it’s just not that easy.

I’m only flesh, and my flesh is so, so weak and so broken. This world is so full of distractions and lusts, pulling and prodding in all directions.

“…God whispered to my soul, ‘You think you have to take what’s broken and make it perfect in order to be used by me. But I think in a completely different way. I took what was perfect, my Son, and made him broken so that you could be whole. And because you belong to him, your brokenness can bring healing to others too.'” – Holley Gerth, You’re Already Amazing

This is a beautiful reminder for me–one I’ve only recently heard presented like this–that only Christ makes me whole; that He fills the cracks (or completely missing pieces) that I simply do not have access to…

…except through Him.

This frees me in so many ways.

I cannot fix myself. It’s not for me to do. God’s desire is that I seek Him fully, cracks and all. Without seeking Him, the cracks from the brokenness of life and imperfection only grow in my mind.

When I don’t seek Him and let Him shine through those cracks of weakness, I only dwell on myself and my own failures.

It helps me recognize His glory. His love for me goes deeper than I can ever imagine. How can I ever wrap my mind around such a radical kind of love?  Yes, sin destroys; but Christ restores. This gives life to John 3:16–God SO loved the world (me–you). He so loved us, He couldn’t bear for us to be separated.

Sometimes I really do struggle with whether God loves this broken vessel. Really, I do. And He reminds me…He loves me where I am because He sent His son to die for me right where I am…

…He didn’t wait for me to become perfect first.

Question:  Do you accept your “brokenness” and acknowledge you can be loved and used through it?  OR are you striving to fix yourself, trying to be perfect?  Share your comment by clicking here.


Today’s Quote is shared by:  Christin Slade.  She is a wife and mother to 5 awesome children. She loves the beauty of Jesus that surrounds her. She has a gift for encouraging others and helps mother’s practically disciple their children at her blog, Joyful Mothering.  You can also find her at the Allume community, and chatting it up on Twitter as @ChristinWrites.


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