Love Full-Filled

That you may be filled with all the fullness of God. Ephesians 3:19

My father was an extremely good financial provider. Intelligent and hard-working, he excelled professionally. But his career achievement often took his time and attention away from home. Long trips and work days left him short on family time.

I longed for a Daddy who was home.

Perhaps you’re like me and your relationship with your father left you with lack. Maybe your dad left your family through divorce or death. Even those who experience intimacy with their daddy, find their hearts wanting.

Over the years I have held the cup of my heart out to many things – achievement, relationships, perfection. These all filled the space of my life but left my heart empty. The dwelling place of my heart held a flashing vacancy sign. My life was full but it wasn’t filled.

Years later I found a Daddy who made His home in me.

When your heart cries for home, make room for Him.

When your spirit registers empty, fill your space with Him.

When your soul longs for love, give your craving to Him.

God may not have given us a perfect father, but He did give us His perfect Son. Why not celebrate Father’s Day by allowing God to build a new addition in your heart? As we expand the walls of His dwelling place, He makes a home improvement.

Joy, courage and peace pervade His presence.

Question:  Will you join me, this Father’s Day, inviting Him home and experience love full-filled?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Photo Credit:  Horia Varlan {Creative Commons}


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    Shannon, I love this post. Thanks for the reminder that being full of the presence of God is not the same thing as having a full life! This was beautifully put. I hope that your relationship with your earthly father was made whole!
    PS I tweeted and posted on fb and G+!

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    So true! I grew up thinking my dad didn’t care much for me, because he didn’t give me the same attention that he gave my brothers. Now I”m older I realize he did care, he just didn’t know how to show me in a language I understood. I hear stories about how he would play with me as a baby, I saw pictures of him cuddling me in his chair. He does great with babies. And he is such a support now that we’re all grown. He really struggled with the middle part.

    Through all that time of feeling alone, I knew there was still one Father who did love me. As I grew closer to Him, HE showed my of my earthly father’s love that I simply didn’t understand.

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    No matter what our relationship with our earthly dad, only the love of our heavenly Father brings the peace and joy we all crave. Since I — and later my dad — entered into real, personal relationships with Jesus, we have become close this side of heaven. My heart swells with gratitude to The One who brought healing.

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    Beautiful post.
    We live in a society that always encourages “the next big thing”, leaving many of us feeling empty and unsatisfied. So true that Jesus can fill the void and bring us a peace and contentment that surpasses all understanding.


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    Love this post, Shannon. I, too, have chased lots of different things in life trying to fill that void in my heart. I’m thankful for Jesus. And I’m thankful for a Father God who loves me more than anyone on this earth ever could!

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    If anyone asked me, I had the perfect dad. I’m sure he wasn’t really perfect, but he was to me. He passed away in 1996, ten months after my second daughter was born, and I hate that she didn’t get to have the time with him that her sister did. But I do tell her that her pawpaw loved her, because he spent a lot of time with her during those ten months. And I always miss him at this time of year, but I do have a close relationship with God (even though sometimes I do wander off), and I just keep reminding myself that one day I will see both my earthly and heavenly father.

    Great post for father’s day!

    Stopping by from VoiceBoks!

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    Evenin’ sister Shannon!
    Thanks so much for sharing! I did have a pretty “present” father who loved God, but growing into my adult life I’ve learned that I still need so much more than him. I need HIM!!! {the great I AM!} :) My favorite line that you shared has to be, “As we expand the walls of His dwelling place, He makes a home improvement”. My prayer is that our Christian circle continues to do the hard self work, this surrendering our all to Him work! I’m so pumped! ~ Blessings out girl, Amy

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    Shannon, this is beautiful and encouraging. It really speaks to my heart as I’m a child that grew up in a broken family. My dad didn’t even live in the same state and when I visited him for the summer, I was often confused and emotional over why he had to do grown up things like go to work when he hadn’t seen me all year. It was never easy. I love him dearly and our relationship gets stronger every year, but those childhood pangs are still very real within. Even though I fully understand, now, as an adult.

    Always a blessing to read your writing, friend!

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      A father shapes the lives of his sons and particularly daughters in ways he can’t imagine. So thankful we have a Heavenly Father who shapes us according to the depths of His love.

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