June 18, 2012

Many of us want to pour ourselves into others; giving our time, energy, knowledge.  We want to be helpful, encouraging, and strong.  But, we cannot give what we do not have.  How do you keep your “cup” full – to overflowing so what you’re giving away doesn’t drain you dry?  emotionally. physically. spiritually.  What is pouring into you?


  1. Lauren says

    This morning God is pouring encouragement into me through FB!!! I love that I have friends who “pass along” all the tidbits of encouragement and reminders of Who God is in my life. Today I’ve been reminded that He’s the God of “Peace, be still”…in charge of not only the physical storms of our life, but also the emotional and spiritual storms. He has only to speak, and the storm listens. Oh, to be as obedient as those storms and do exactly what He says when He says it. Praying for you, Teri, and your ministry in the Kingdom. Hubby and I are headed to South Africa in 9 days…going to be there for 10 weeks on a short-term mission trip, teaching and ministering at Durban Bible College. Thanks for the continued blessings of KIP…

  2. says

    today i had 3 special little ‘moments’ through out my day where i felt the Lord speaking to me…they all centered about patience and a reminder that the beginning of faith is the ending of anxiety. i needed that reminder :) miss you friend, hope your day is going good!!! <3

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