Feeling Empty?

Life has a way of sneaking up on me. Whether a big transition happens or a bunch of little daily things add up there are moments in life when I find myself feeling empty.

Emptiness may look different for all of us, but for me, emptiness manifests itself in feelings of panic, being overwhelmed and drained. I loose my temper faster, dread daily meetings and withdraw into myself…

…desiring to shut down.

When this begins to happen, I know what I need.  So, why is it that so often the very thing we need is the thing we run to as a last resort?

Recently when I was recognizing my emptiness I grabbed my Bible and journal and I simply stared at it. I didn’t even know where to begin. Even the process that I needed to take to fill myself up felt overwhelming and unattainable.

Thankfully, you and I don’t have to let our feelings and emotions rule our lives.

I have a will and a sound mind and can choose to first cry out to the One who can begin to fill me again. I can ask him to help me start. To show me what He wants me to know. I can choose to be obedient to His still small voice and allow His Words…

…to water my cracked soul.

Staying full can be a battle. Life can throw us circumstances that we don’t feel prepared for, people can vie for our time and attention.  But, instead of allowing ourselves to shut down and close up we need to do what we know we must:  Seek the Spring of living water, Jesus Christ.

I have tried to dig my own well, to do things on my own but all I receive is enough warm, stale water to last me a moment. When I turn to the Spring, He fills me to overflowing and I no longer am empty. You and I don’t have to live empty, let’s fight the battle of emptiness by choosing to spend time getting filled with the Living Water.

Question:  Where do you choose to go when you’re feeling empty?  What tools do you apply to your life to “fill-you-up”?  Share your comment by clicking here.

Photo Credit:  J Neuberger {Creative Commons}


  1. Julie says

    I have really enjoyed this blog. Today I post my first comment…
    I fill up on the Eucharist…daily Mass is my cure for emptiness. The challenge is to not wait until I am running on fumes, to go for a fill up. If I maintain a full tank by attending daily Mass regularly, my life is more at peace. I feel His presence with me throughout the day. I have strength & patience. I have the ability to trust in His leading & cope with life situations. Ultimately, I have love and I am able to pass that on to others.

  2. Carol says

    To continue the conversation on how I step out of the stress of daily life and become renewed:

    I go for a hike into the woods. I carry on a discussion with Jesus as I hike. Then I usually come upon a wonderful spot, perfectly created for me. This spot usually shows itself when the sun finds its way through the canopy of the woods and there I sit and pray in the perfect solitude. I have spent hours in these places and have seen some amazingly wonderful occurrences. I always leave totally and completely filled with the presence of the Lord. Life seems to fall away and be inconsequential when I finish my hike.

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