God’s Mercy


I love quotes so it’s hard to chose, just one.  However, this one speaks volumes to me.  I was at a conference where Liz was speaking and when she said this, I immediately wrote it down.

We can put on the armor of Christ and some how…some way…we still find a way to sin. The good news is, that there is nothing new under-the-sun and we can not out sin God’s mercy! “You can’t out sin God’s mercy” – Liz Curtis Higgs


Today’s Quote is shared by:  Sheryl Griffin.  She is an Author, Encourager, Wife & Mom. In her book, A Scarlet Cord of Hope, she shares her struggle as she faces her diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder, panic, and anxiety.  She begins to unravel her past, and starts to understand the power that guilt, shame, and fear held over her.  Sheryl is speaker who offers encouragement and hope to her audience. She shares from her heart, her experiences, and from a biblical perspective. She speaks with passion and confidence gained from her own journey in search of HOPE.  You can connect with Sheryl on her website, twitter, facebook, or linkedin.

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