In June 2002, I found myself living alone without another adult for the first time in my adult life. Since college I’d always had a roommate – one of whom was my former husband. I had two companions living with me but my six and three year old daughters needed me to pour into them.

I figured out ways to manage my new responsibilities. One means was organization. I cleaned house and did laundry daily so my home duties could not become overwhelming. I also reorganized my bill paying, errands and life management into a single binder so I had everything from grocery lists to addresses and stamps in a single location. I was so proud of my new financial binder – it was like my life was neatly held within its’ black bindings. It gave me a sense of order and control.

One Saturday I headed out to the mecca of my community, otherwise known as WalMart, with my life management binder in tow. I had my month’s allotment of cash, my grocery list, my home maintenance list and my credit cards. I was prepared for any eventuality. I even had my frequent flyer cards in case I needed to make a plane reservation on aisle 3.

In a matter of hours I had procured my groceries and supplies for the week, loaded my two little girls in the car and was headed back to our home for some weekend fun. On the way, I realized…

…my black binder wasn’t with me.

Like a cinder block wall, it hit me. I had laid my binder on the back bumper when I unloaded the cart. Faster than a mom can call through every name in the family, I made my way back to the parking lot. No binder.

I could not survive without its’ contents. I would not even be able to get to work without putting gas in my car. I turned to the only source of help I had – God.

As I prayed, my phone rang. It was a man reporting he’d found my belonging and wanted to return it to me. Relief raced through me, even though I expected it returned lightened of much of its contents.

Fearful of a stranger coming to my home, I met him and his wife in a parking lot. I thanked them both and returned to my vehicle. Every penny was still inside.

I may have thought I was in control of my life.

…I wasn’t.

But there was One who was guarding my path and my way even before I thought to ask Him for help.

He is the true Binding that holds my life together.


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    Oh Shannon, this is so awesome. You really inspire me! I almost did the whole life management binder thing myself, but like you, I realize I’m not ever going to be in control. God is. I just need to slow myself down and listen for Him to guide me on the journey. It does help to be organized. So I try to be, but for me it’s all online. So if anything ever happens to my computer I’m in BIG trouble! Haha! Then again, it’s all on my phone too. :)

    Blessings friend,

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