Virtue: Responsibility

If you’re following my daily posts, you’ve most likely noticed that I haven’t mentioned the conversations I’ve been having with my kids since day 15.  Why not? You might be wondering?  Well, I was out of town with my hubby and I decided that since my nuggets were at home enjoying their time with their grandparents I wouldn’t “bug” them with the virtues.  It was just me…

…my reflection, and my prayer.

But, I’m back and yep, you guessed it — while my boys were trapped in the car with me on our way to school this morning, I brought it up!  Today, is responsibility.  Let’s get the conversation going…whoot. whoot.

I clearly had more excitement than them.  That’s the truth.

While my oldest son was looking up the dictionary definition on my iphone, my younger son shared what it meant to be responsible for him, “With my stuff, like my Xbox, my video games.  Being responsible so these things don’t get broke.”  Yes, yes — I replied, what else? “Well, with brushing my teeth, and just stuff like that.

Right, taking responsibility with our belongings and our hygiene, we talked about those things briefly.  Then my older son, frustrated because he couldn’t get the app to work properly on my phone blurted out, “Mom, I don’t need to look up the definition, I know, I’m responsible for my actions.  My attitude.  For my homework, for the things I’m asked to do.  OK?  I know.  There, can we talk about something else now?

Sure.  We can.  Lets talk about something else.

We changed the subject, we connected.  After all, I hadn’t seen their sweet precious smiles in 5 sleeps, I missed them!  On a side note, I was satisfied with our talk on responsibility.  They are learning, I like where this is going.  BIG SMILE.

The list is long with responsibilities and the fine details look different for everyone.  However, there are some commonalities amongst our lists.  We are responsible for our actions, being obedient, with the gifts, talents, blessings God has entrusted us with — no matter how big or how small.  We are held accountable and responsible.  And like today’s scripture says:

“for each one should carry their own load.” Galatians 6:5

When the boys jumped out of the car, I quickly reminded them about today’s virtue.  I affirmed them, told them how proud I am of them and how much I love them.

I pray, “Father, grant that my children may learn responsibility, for each one should carry his own load.  And, Lord, show me areas in my life where I need to grow in this virtue.  May I be responsible with all that you call me to do and bless me with.”


You’ve just read day 21 of  the series: 31 Biblical Virtues to Pray for Your Children.  Whether your children are young or old, whether you’re expecting or hope to be expecting, whether the children in your life are biologically yours, adopted, step, or they are just precious to you — you can join in and pray for them!!


Will YOU journey with me and watch how God shows up as we seek Him and believe in Him for our children?

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