Lets Pray for Our Kids

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine presented me with a 2-sided, off-centered, black and white copy of a copy 8.5 x 11 piece of paper.  The top of one side read, 31 Biblical Virtues to pray for your kids.

Her and I talk frequently about parenting, how to be better moms, how to deal/cope/handle the different personalities of our precious-little-nuggets — SO, of course the piece of paper looked to be something worth taking action on…praying specific Biblical virtues for our children.

Admittedly, I folded the piece of paper in half, tucked it into my Bible and didn’t look at it again…

…UNTIL a week ago.

You see, my same sweet friend that gave me that piece of paper, last week shared with me that she had dusted off her piece of paper and stated to talk with her 3 kids {ages 3-7}, every morning at breakfast, about these virtues.

She told me that some of the virtues they don’t really understand, but others they do — she also shared that she’s seeing fruit as a result of their daily discussions as they are interacting with others they come in contact with.

This encouraged me and fueled me to do something too!

Here’s what I did. I unpacked a “virtue” a day and discussed the daily virtue with my two little nuggets. I wrote about the life changing journey and share my reflection here, with you via email for 31 Days!

Do you want to JOIN me?

There is…P O W E R…in prayer.

Let’s pray these Biblical virtues, these scriptures, into the lives of our nuggets.  If it’s appropriate and doable, lets create awareness in our children’s lives by talking with them openly about these virtues.

I had my amazingly talented graphic designer Sue create this picture for us to make it easy to follow along…

Whether your children are young or old, whether you’re expecting or hope to be expecting, whether the children in your life are biologically yours, adopted, step, or they are just precious to you — you can join in and pray for them!!


Will YOU journey with me and watch how God shows up as we seek Him and believe in Him for our children?

IF so, simply fill out the form below with the date you want to start!  You will receive a FREE printable version of the graphic/poster + an email from me everyday for 31 Days to encourage you along the way with my daily virtue reflection.

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” – Chuck Swindoll

* These 31 virtues were written by Bob Hostetler and published by NavPress to learn more about the author go to his website, follow him on twitter, or connect with him on facebook.  They also offer prayer cards to purchase, you can find them here.


    • Teri says

      Kelly…SO great to have YOU in!! D inspired ME…love her! =) Let’s connect again…I would enjoy talking with you again. Look for an email from me and we will set something up. =)

    • Teri says

      I shared it this morning with the boys!! SO excited to see God work in their lives through not only praying these virtues, BUT discussing them. SO happy that you’re IN!! =)

  1. Bethany says

    I am absolutely doing this… I have a 2yo son. I know he won’t understand any of the virtues, but that won’t stop me from talking to him about them, planting the seed, and still praying for him. Love this…

    • Teri says

      it’s NEVER too early, right? SO SO glad you’re joining US! I believe that God will bless us in unique ways as we become more aware of these virtues for ourselves. =) Great to “meet” you Bethany.

  2. says

    YES! I am so with you, ready to start praying for the little blessings in our lives. A friend just made the comment when I shared this with my fans, she said, “you can also be praying for your children now… never too early.” I don’t have children of my own yet, but what a wake up call to ME to be praying for the future!

    • Teri says

      YES YES YES…it’s never to soon OR too late!! SO happy that you’re on this journey with us…LOVE your insights always! =)

  3. says

    This is great, Teri. The older I get the more necessary I see the need to pray for my children. When I was young I naively thought if I parented well all would go well. That was too much reliance upon myself but God is good and faithful. In spite of my parenting he has given me 4 children who follow him and that’s the best I can ask for.

    • Teri says

      It’s TIME…for me anyway — I need to be intentional about this…there are too many LOUD voices out there influencing my boys and I’m starting to see it. SO…BE THE CHANGE…it ALL starts with me!! God is up to something REALLY good here…I can already see it!! Thank you sweet Ali for the encouragement — you are a wise, amazing woman and mother…I admire YOU! =)

  4. Km says

    Thanks. My husband an I have been looking all week for some help or insiration in dealing with our own lttle RADish. Unique probs and desperate needs. We are drained and in need of prayer ourselves

    • Teri says

      love how the name…RADish!! So cute…or not so sweet and cute at times, huh? lol I UNDERSTAND where you are…that’s is WHY I decided to move forward with this…MY way is NOT the right way…I need to go to God with my parenting and be intentional about it, I see that in a BIG way! SO happy you’re joining us… =)

  5. Kelly Sammon says

    Yes! I’m in! I have my RVC list tucked in my bible and sadly have overlooked it for a while now. This will get me reinspired and going on it again. With all our kids deal with, they need the comfort and security knowing that we are praying continually for them!

    • Teri says

      You are SO right — I believe there is power in them knowing that too!! =) SO happy you are joining me on this journey… =)

    • Teri says

      WOW…that’s SO VERY exciting! It is never too early to be praying for our precious children…SO happy to have you on this journey! =)

  6. tammy sauk says

    I love this
    I tried to print a copy but it turned out blurry and I can’t read it.
    Is it possible to get it in a format that I can print?
    thank you so much! Tammy

    • Teri says

      Oh Pam…I hear you and YOUR heart!! Let’s lay our burdens for our children at the foot of the cross together and TRUST God that His plans for them are for GOOD!! Lets pray for our precious nuggets…SO happy you are joining me on this journey!

  7. says

    Definitely in! I’m not sure how I stumbled across your blog, but I’m glad I did! I am so blessed that my husband and I pray together regularly, and one of the things we’ve wanted to do is pray more intentionally for our son (3 yrs). We each have one of these now and will be doing that! Thank you for this!

    • Teri says

      WELCOME Tracey…SO grateful that you arrived here too!! =) INTENTIONAL is the key word, isn’t it? I believe we will be blessed as we lift up our precious gifts daily to our Father…

  8. Carri Bryant says

    I have 4 children 3 step and 1 biological. We are a newly blended family and I am going to encourage my husband to start this with me. I am also, thinking I am going to have bible lesson every night for dinner. This is something new to my step children. I want to teach then God is our center. Thank you for this precious gift! My prayers have been answered!

    • Teri says

      Carri…thank YOU for sharing your comment. I have 2 biological and 2 step {my step “children” are 19 and 22 and haven’t been a part of my life unfortunately} IF you have the opportunity to connect with them all about these virtues, that would be AWESOME…for me, I’m talking with my boys, BUT praying for ALL of the kids. Just a word of encouragement…EVEN IF they {your husband and your kids} don’t agree to journey with you — do it anyway!! That’s one thing that God has been teaching me over the past few years. Just because He’s putting something on MY heart, doesn’t mean He has put it on the others closest to me. SO THRILLED that YOU are on this journey with me…WELCOME — may God bless your richly as you put one step in front of the other walking in obedience keeping HIM your CENTER…priceless! =)

  9. Tiffany says

    I love this! (I have three daughters) I find myself praying often for their future husbands! This is a wonderful way to pray for them as well. :)

    • Teri says

      YES…so they can be amazing wives emulating all of these virtues!! SO glad you’re on board Tiffany! =)

    • Teri says

      Thanks Annette! Getting them on board has been a bit-of-a-challenge, but I’m sticking to it!! Happy you’re joining in! =)

  10. Dirkie says

    Ohhhh thank you – i am very excited – can not wait for my first email – will be praying – I am a mommy of 3 children and we live in Namibia.

    God Bless
    dirkie du Plessis

    • Teri says

      WELCOME Dirkie… and you’re welcome…I’m amazed by how this has gone viral and how God is taking this to so many places!! SO happy you’re joining me as we pray for our precious gifts!! =)

  11. says

    This is fantastic. Accountability is a great motivator – even when the action itself is a good enough motivator on its own.
    Looking forward to really committing my children to prayer. So encouraged by all the other Moms who are doing the same!

    • Teri says

      I agree…without accountability…I would NOT be where I am today!! SO glad you’re joining us Vanessa…I too am encouraged by everyone who is with us on this journey!! =)

  12. Joan says

    As a grandmother I too will join in to help commit my grandchildren to prayer. And I love the printed version. Thank you for your site.

    • Teri says

      You’re WELCOME Joan!! SO glad you’re joining us….YES — what a special, priceless gift to pass along to your grandchildren!! =)

  13. cindy says

    Love it! You rock! FYI- looking for a prayer group?-
    Momsinprayer.org is a good site for moms that are interested in praying for their kids and schools. Check it out!

    • Teri says

      LOVE Mom’s In Prayer {formerly MIT} Such a GREAT organization…we have a group at our school that I go to when I’m available!! SO happy that you’re joining us Cindy!! =)

  14. Lesleigh says

    I think this is so wonderful ! I am in !! I will be beginning this tonight at the dinner table for our discussion topics!!!

    • Teri says

      So happy to hear you’re joining us Lesieigh — would LOVE to hear how the conversations go around the dinner table. What a priceless gift!! =)

  15. Janine says

    I’m starting late but what an inspiration you all are. Praying for our children is so important. I love the 31 days a virtue a day. It will go right along with my evening “Power of a Praying Parent”.

    • Teri says

      Just dive. right. IN. Janine…so grateful to have YOU!! My hope is that this will be an ongoing thing for all of us…something that we commit to doing for months and years to come!! Love the book, power of a praying parent {and wife!} =)

  16. says

    Thank you so much for sharing this fantastic tool. I desire to be more faithful in praying for my children and I plan to print and frame this so that I can see a daily reminder of things to pray for them.

    • Teri says

      SO great to have you on board Samantha!! I have heard a lot of people doing that!! =) What a blessing it is that you’re committing to pray for your kids…

  17. Hannah says

    Found this on pinterest, and even though I’m a little late, I totally want to do this! I have a 16 month old son, and a 3.5 yo daughter. Great concepts to pray over them, with scripture too! And I look forward to trying to figure out how to talk to them about this. :)

    • Teri says

      Hannah, you are NOT. TOO. LATE!! SO great to have YOU…just start with today’s date and keep going…my hope {for me and others} is that we will keep this poster handy and each month keep that virtue for that “date” top of mind…praying for ourselves and our children! Thank YOU for leaving the comment…you’re little nuggets will be blessed by your prayers!! =)

  18. Mindy says

    I learned in a women’s bible study once that we must be very specific when we are praying for our children (and praying in general) but I never really had an idea of where to start or exactly what to pray for. This is an awesome tool and I thank you for inspiring me to start right away. Thank you!

  19. says

    I love this list of prayers, originally written by Bob Hostetler and published by NavPress. His original title is “31 Biblical Virtues to Pray for Your Children”. Google and you will find versions all over the web.

    Several years ago, I create a digital book for my family using photos of our children demonstrating each characteristic. These were not staged, although they could be. Instead, I looked for pictures taken thoughout the year that revealed their hearts. Now the oldest is heading to college and the next is not far behind.

    Keep praying.

    • Teri says

      I realized, through Google, how popular and wide spread these virtues were out there on the internet before I had this “info-graphic” created — I had NO idea, truly, so many would join me on this journey — thank YOU for sharing your comment. I love the book that you created…what a GREAT idea. =)

  20. Barbara says

    I happened upon this on pinterest today and absolutely love it. My children are not little anymore like many of the others mentioned in the previous comments, they are 17 and 18, but I have to say that this list of specific Biblical Virtues is something I will add to my prayers for them. We have strived to raise children that had their own firm, commited relationships with the Lord and I am blessed to be able to say that both my daughter and son do indeed live with the assurance that they are children of God. The encouragement and inspiration that you share in your site is so needed in our world today, I look forward to recieving your updates moving forward.

    • Teri says

      Barbara, thank YOU for sharing your comment…I’m sure that you’re heart is SMILING knowing that God has captured their hearts — what a priceless gift! What I’m learning through this journey {which I plan on continuing…} is I’m GROWING through it! It’s making me, willingly, look in the mirror at my own life. SO glad that you’re joining us on the journey. =)

  21. Pam says

    Thank you for this wonderful poster! I spent nearly 2 hours today talking to a friend who is heartsick over a son’s life choices and has asked me to join her in praying for him. Then, I ran across this! Wow, this set of verses is a wonderful selection with which to approach the throne of grace. I have already shared this on Facebook and will be sharing it with my struggling friend too. Thanks for being used by the Almighty in His perfect timing today.

  22. Donna says

    I am IN. I was just thinking this week that I need to get better about character training. This is perfect!

  23. Jennifer says

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful poster. It will be a blessing to use with our four kiddos ages 4,7,10 and 12. I have tried to print it out, but I keep getting a white page. Any suggestions? I went to the print this part of the blog, but to no avail is it working and I could really use this in our life right now.

    • Teri says

      Hi Jennifer…SO happy that you’re joining me on this journey!! I emailed you regarding your question, please let me know here if you didn’t get it. =) I hope you can get this printed…

    • Teri says

      That’s SO great!! Welcome on this journey…you will NOT be disappointed, I’m learning SO SO much through this process. May God bless YOU! =)

    • Teri says

      SO great to hear from YOU Sonya…than you for leaving a comment. I’m happy that you found this!! =) You’re welcome for the poster, my prayer is that it will be a blessing to anyone who chooses to walk this journey! =)

  24. says

    Came across this on Pintrest this morning. I love it! Thank you for encouraging me to grow my daughter up in the ways of our Lord. She’s already a great kid but I’m excited to see how God is going to move in her life! Thanks!!

    • Teri says

      You’re welcome Robin — I’m SO happy you like it!! Don’t be surprised IF God moves in YOUR life too as you chew on His word and these prayers. He is opening the eyes of my heart and refining me through this process. =)

  25. Debra says

    I saw this on Pinterest via a friend. What a blessing it is! I have never visited your blog before and am excited to take a peek! I am, however, unable to print the poster. It acts like it is going to print, but then nothing happens. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks, again, for your encouraging site!

    • Teri says

      SO GREAT to have YOU here Debra. I’m wondering if it’s a printer problem on your end? Potentially you could try another printer — maybe a friend, work, OR Kinkos, OfficeMax, or a copy center. I’m not the technical type — I know enough to be dangerous!! lol

  26. Faith says

    I really want to do this with my boys (8,7,5,&3). How can I get this poster? I re-pinned from pinterest & can’t seem to get a printable version. Thank you for such a great idea.

    • Teri says

      Yes! Please share…is there any thing else that I can help you with? =) thank you for passing this along — I’ve been told many amazing stories how God is working in hearts, lives, and strengthening relationships through these. =)

    • Teri says

      It is NEVER too late — what a blessing that you’re joining this journey Sheryl! God is up to something GREAT! =)

  27. Tandy B says

    I’m in ! We all know we should be praying for our children but sometimes don’t know what to pray for them… this is definitely a start !

    • Teri says

      I agree Tandy…sometimes the mind goes blank — there’s SO much and yet we don’t know where to start! I’m thrilled that you’re joining. =)

  28. says

    I am SO in!! Thank You for facilitating Such an Inspiring Opportunity!! As a Mother of 4 ranging in age from 21 to 10, I am a Firm Believer in the Power of a Praying Mother, and look forward to standing in agreement with all of you!!

    • Teri says

      Nanette — you’ve got your hands FULL!! What a significant blessing to have YOU praying for them and embracing the POWER. I’ve seen it huge just recently as I’ve started this journey not only in the lives of my nuggets, BUT in my life too. GREAT to have YOU!! =)

  29. April says

    Yes. I will b doing this with and for my kids. Thanks giving parents a ace to start. Prayers are the biggest weapo. We have against this world and it’s tactics to tear up our family.

    • Teri says

      Hi Elizabeth! Thank YOU for leaving your comment. What a gift to give those little nuggets. I’m sure that you all will be extremely blessed too, God is SO SO good!

  30. Jessica says

    Love this!! I’ve been looking for something to discuss @ breakfast. What a great, intentional way to start the day!

    • Teri says

      That’s what worked for US — even after the first time, we still are talking about it. It doesn’t get old for me, but my nuggets sometimes say — enough already!! lol so happy you are joining this journey Jessica! =)

  31. Deb says

    I love it! Been looking for something like this for my children at school.
    One virtue missing though …. A very important one … FORGIVENESS

  32. cindy says

    love this! thanks for sharing. i will definitely do this with my kids. any ideas on bible reading with them that will keep them interested?

    • Teri says

      Hi Cindy!! Thank YOU for leaving a comment and for join on this journey! What a blessing. As far as the bible verses, I just used the ones that are printed on each day. That seemed to keep our discussion going strong!! =) I learned and GREW so much from this…I hope it blesses you too!! =)

    • Teri says

      Hi Leanne! Thank you for leaving the message, I’ve been asked MANY times the same question, SO — I’m on IT!! I need to pray for my man, so this will help me — just like it’s done for my nuggets. =) Thank you for the push and suggestion.

  33. hepsijim says

    iam from india… this s really superb…. love it….& doing it…. I always pray for them regurally, but don’t know to specify the verses. but now I found it… from nw i’ll pray like this pattern till my end of my life for my 2 little daughters “Miraclyn & Evagelyn”.

  34. Brittaney K says

    I’m in! And so grateful to have found thi right now. Thank you for igniting this fire. God’s timing is PERFECT!

  35. says

    My nephew whom I care for is older (12) but, I think their great lessons at any age and a great guide for me to go by. Thank you!

  36. Hiwot says

    I like the 31 Biblical Virtures, when I saw it I feel that child is child for the family and how old is he/she, can you help those who are adult and need a help by God, Biblical scripture.

  37. Jenna says

    Oh Teri, dis is so Awesome thanks for comin up with dis write up, I’m so dedicatin dis to my Little Nephew and my Little Niece and also my future children and i sure hope to God he answers this wonderful Prayer….xoxo. Jenna from Nigeria

  38. Helen Brindell says

    I am definitely IN, if it is not too late. Sooo need this. Just adopted two little girls ages 3 & 4. My bio children are 35, 38 and 40. Feel such a huge responsibility and accountability before God this second time around. Thank you and God bless.

  39. Vinise says

    Hi, I have just come across your page, thank you, I love the prayers and it has come just at the right time – God’s timing is awesome…

    Bless you and your ministry

  40. Arinoye says

    Thank you for this. God bless and continue to inspire you.
    My desire is to impart and equip my children. This is a very apt prayer.

  41. LeAnn says

    Thank you so much for this. I am going to sincerely use this as a guide as I pray for my kids. Our pastor said the other day that we often machine gun pray. He was encouraging us to be sniper prayers. This is exactly what I needed to be more specific! Thanks again from the bottom of a praying mom’s heart!

  42. Mallorie says

    Thank you for posting this. I am planning to start this October 1st, and am hoping for a virtue bible kit for Christmas to begin bringing religion back into our house. My kids attend a Catholic grade school and I have been wanting to continue their education at home. Thanks again

    • Teri says

      Hi Malorie! Thank you for the message — I’m SO happy you’re starting this in October! What a blessing it will be to your children + YOU!! =)

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