10 to Happier

We all want to be happy.

It seems “happy” is the vague utopia all citizens of earth strive for but never seem to achieve.

Well, I’m not here to relay a magic formula to achieve “happy” — that’s another post — but here’s a small list that I’ve come up with that helps my days become a little “happier.”

1. Make your bed. Yep, do it. The state of your bed is the state of your head, and how much cleaner and uncluttered is your bedroom and your mind when your bed looks pretty!

2. Watch the sunrise. It’s ever-changing, never duplicated, and always beautiful. What better way to begin the day than with earthy beauty?

3. Create an inspiring play list. Music influences us body, soul, and spirit. Find the titles that inspire you and listen!

4. Eat breakfast. Don’t skip it, eat it! Your brain functions so much better when it doesn’t have to compete with an empty stomach, not to mention your emotions will thank you for the nourishment!

5. Be nice. Who is the first person you have contact with in the morning? Make the conscious choice right off the bat to be sweet, sincere, loving…not grumpy. It’s a choice you can make!

6. Breathe. Days get hectic, it’s inevitable, right? The unexpected happens, and our otherwise manageable (or so we thought) day becomes grossly out of proportion with our level of sanity. Cause yourself to breathe.

7. Laugh out loud. Take a break to watch a 30 second YouTube clip or call up a friend who makes you laugh. The release of endorphins will be worth it!

8. Take in your surroundings. Whether at the office or out for a stroll, take it in! Look for the little things that are just waiting to bring a little splash of sunshine into your world.

9. Refresh your make-up. {Guys, splash some water on your face and grab an Altoid} Maybe a dab of lip gloss after lunch, a midday eyeliner touch-up, or an afternoon spritz of perfume from the trial size in your purse. There’s something about “touching up” something that revitalizes your mind and perks up your mood.

10. SMILE. It’s easy. Make the effort to smile at those you make eye contact with. You never know if that might not be just what their day needed, and it will improve your mood without your even knowing. It’s a simple choice…choose to smile!

Our days are too short to waste and not enjoy. Simple tweaks in our routine can make all the difference between surviving and thriving in our everyday!

How are you choosing to thrive today?

Photo Credit:  Charles Henry


  1. says

    I loved your ‘happy list’ Rebekah! it’s so similar to my own. and as i sit here now, laptop, coffee, curled up ‘on’ my made bed, I realize what a little piece of happiness I have been given just in this moment :) thanks for this post dear friend, you really made my day a little happier with these sweet reminders! xi

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