Your Moments, Your World

shhhhh… did you here it?

…listen again.

What you heard just now is your world.

Whether you love it, tolerate it, or hate it, it is yours and it’s going by at the speed of light.

You. will. never. experience. this. moment. again.

Take time to acknowledge what is yours.

If you don’t like it, be the change you want to see in it.

We are 4 days into the NEW YEAR already…4 days!  I told you it was going by quickly…

I challenge you to enjoy your moments, your world. Right now, this moment, take time to take it in.

You’re at work? Pop some ear buds in and create an uplifting playlist.

You’re a stay-at-home mom? Stop wishing your little angels would just. take. a nap. and embrace the opportunity to spend more time with them.

Brew some coffee, steep some tea, light a candle…YOU have what it takes to change a part of your world in this moment.

You won’t regret it.  In fact, you’ll most likely end up making memories you never ever dreamed of…


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